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Team IGERT helped Kaitlin collect all her data for a snow pit on summit — permeability, density, and crystal size. To find out more about the process, please view our mini documentary.

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We are blessed with good health on the Ice Sheet, to such an extent that a few of us decided it was time to walk further than to our tents and back. We spent the first two days since our arrival moving slowly to allow our bodies to acclimate to the high altitude.

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Greetings from Kangerlussuaq! I’m back, and this time I’m rolling 8 deep with my IGERT buds and professors. Its exciting to be back for a number of fantastical reasons not least of which is the opportunity to learn and experience with my very good friends from uni while hopping across Greenland.

Today was our first full day in Kangerlussuaq, and we jumped into it with zeal and our usual IGERT flair. After a quick bite of “morgenmad” (breakfast), the gang first sat for a quick briefing from the ever-helpful Kathy Young before heading to the cargo yard to try on some of our “extreme cold weather” (ECW) gear made necessary by our trip up to Summit Camp on Friday. I say “up” because Summit Camp sits roughly 2 miles higher than Kangerlussuaq atop the Greenland Ice Sheet. But that’s in a few days … check out the photos from the morning’s work (and stay tuned for what followed – an afternoon with Eric Post and company at his field site down valley from the Russel Glacier!):

Julia and Lauren find a “half” Nansen sled bound for Raven. They decide to take it for a “dry run”, as you do when you’re in the cargo yard at Kangerlussuaq.

Does this look big on me?
Laura inquires about the figure-altering ECW bib-pants, mock-worrying that they might be harming her svelte figure.

Ross ... in pants that might fit?
Similarly, though somewhat differently, Ross proclaims he hasn’t looked this huge since his undergraduate days at Syracuse University. Or was that his graduate days at University of California at Davis?

Missing our friend, Chris
You know him as Chris Polashenski; we know him as “Da Man’i… ” Well, some things may just have to stay within the group, but one thing that we all share is our love of his flannel shirts (and facial hair)! Chris, hurry out of Alaska and join us, will ya?!

Toys from Lee!
Finally, how could we ever have even gotten to Kangerlussuaq without the expert guidance of Lee McDavid?! In this picture, we unearth some thoughtfully hidden surprises left by her in one of our food boxes. Toys! A “childhood memory” of hers retold in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland! Kaitlin and Julia express our warmest and bubbliest gratitude!

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We have safely arrived in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland! We started the day with a bus ride from the hotel in Schenectedy, NY to the Air National Guard base at 5am. We checked in at the base and then waited for a few hours while all of the cargo was put on pallets, weighed and put on the planes.

Bus ride from hotel to ANG base at 5am

Air National Guardsmen loading cargo

Kaitlin and Simone at ANG base

Flying on a C-130 is a little different than flying commercially- you are in the same compartment as the cargo and you sit on web seats that run parallel to the sides of the plane. It is loud in the plane during flight so everyone wears ear protection. Not conducive to conversing, so most people sleep,  read or listen to music.

We stopped 1/2 way to Greenland in Goose Bay to re-fuel. There they give you ice cream and we did a little runway yoga to limber up before the second half of the flight.

Gifford enjoys an ice cream sandwich

Laura and Giff practice runway yoga

We hopped back on the plane and a little over 3 hours later we were in Kangerlussuaq. Lauren and Julia greeted us on the runway (with welcome signs!) and drove us to the science station where we are staying. After a fun dinner together, we’ve started to settle in. Tomorrow we unpack our gear and hopefully get out into the field for a few hours.

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A group photo from our staging area in Hanover, NH before we head to Greenland. We will be meeting Lauren and Julia at KISS, and are looking forward to our reunion.

We enjoyed one last veggie-filled meal at a Thai restaurant where other groups of scientists were overheard discussing snow crystals. Schenectady is the only closest place for us to stay before our 5am pick up for the Air National Guard. We surprised Ross and Mary with a cake in honor of the IGERT maiden voyage, which has been 5 years in the making.

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While Gifford is up at Summit doing research, we’re back in Hanover, NH, getting ready for the IGERT trip to Greenland in July and August. Today Simone and I went grocery shopping for food. We’re grocery shopping now because we need to bring it to the Air National Guard base next week so it can be shipped to Greenland whenever they have space on one of their flights. We had fun shopping (see Simone, at right, performing ‘basket ballet’) and bought lots of good field food. We’ll take more pics as we prepare for our trip to Greenland and will share them with you.

Laura amidst the groceries...

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