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Dr. Terry Chapin, the eminent ecologist, was on campus in May. For those who are not familiar with his work, his achievements in the scientific community are numerous. He’s written hundreds of articles and numerous textbooks, which have been cited 27,000+ times. He’s a member of the National Academies of Science, has contributed to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reports, and he heads the IGERT program at University of Alaska Fairbanks (major points in our book!).

We, the IGERT Fellows, got to meet with┬áhim┬áduring his visit and we can confirm that, on top of it all, he’s a stellar guy and has an admirable vision of how science can link society and the Earth’s ecosystems. Plus, he’s a killer fiddle player (we can confirm that too!).

He gave a really interesting talk about the connection between ecosystems and society in Alaska. You can check it out here for yourself:

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